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The first time that you look at the artworks of Paolo Ramirez, you might think that  they are made by some big shot  international graphic artist. You will actually get that kind of impression a lot once you try to explore what  the home grown digital artists here in the city can offer , and the works of Paolo are among the ones that could absolutely make you say "wowee!" or even make you  ask " a Davaoeño made that?". The illustrations that he has churned out in his young career as a graphic designer, especially the ones that he made for Art Attack 2 are a sight to look at. It is as if the guy made them not just with Photoshop alone but also with magic. Yeah, it would be really hard to believe that they were not made with magic.

Paolo at work

Paolo now works as a graphic designer/illustrator for Secret Garden Design Studio and Paperie, a small design studio here in Davao City which he owns. Aside from making "woweee" illustrations, he is also interested in crafts and is really fond of collecting design and artsy magazines. He is also a self- proclaimed forever alone guy. " My life is boring I wake up and head downstairs where my studio is and I work til 'sawa' or maybe skip that and procrastinate a little and work on it on the wee hours of the day. I could say I'm a bit of a 'forever alone' guy and why not? I'm just comfortable with being myself.", he said in our interview. 

One interesting thing about this guy is that he quit school in order to focus his energy in doing something that he truly loves. Well, he is really good at what he does, so it is really OK
for him to give formal education the middle finger and just go on illustrating and designing  stuff. He told us the story. " I was taking up BS Computer Science at UIC and during my 3rd year we had an intro to web designing subject which tasked us to learn how to use Adobe Photoshop. I remember it was back in 2003 (I think) back then we weren't exposed to digital arts that much. Soon after all I have to do in order to pass the subject is just draw anything while my classmates answer their 3-paged exam papers. I don't know I guess it sort of just made sense so from then on it snowballed and I quit school and pursue a more creative path, one not littered with codes and logic." Well that is one hell of a kick-school-in-the-ass story, right? 

Normally, I would write some colorful description of how I see the works of our featured artist. But that is not going to happen right now because right now, I will let you, the dear readers of this blog, to do that for this artist. Tell us what you think about his artworks and also how they make you feel on the comment box. Just try. 

By the way, we have asked some questions to Paolo and he have given some really great answers. We hope that they can inspire you. 

Davaoist: What or who are your inspirations whenever you make your artworks? 

Paolo: I take inspiration from anything really - it could be a great movie I watched, a book I can't stop reading til the end, a super delicious meal (one preferably with bacon, any potato dish, and cheese - lots of it), the couple on the street oblivious of their surroundings, or even the seemingly mundane afternoon sunset while sipping on a cold raspberry iced tea.

I also collect design and artsy magazines (hehe the cheap ones at Booksale), which I find very useful in giving you a look of the graphic trend outside, that and it makes my cabinet look awesome and full.

Davaoist: Do you have any advice for young Davaoeños who also want to get into the digital art scene?

Paolo: Put your work out there. It doesn't matter what's the state of your work now, just put it out there. A lot of people might be discouraged cause you see a lot of talented artists, but just keep going remember that they too started from scratch. Chances are it will attract people and that's what you want.

Always carry a small and handy notebook and pen. I know you heard this a thousand times, but I think its an important part of the artist's arsenal. You don't know when ideas might come or you might be getting bored waiting for your friends so why not doodle.

Lastly, have a the drive and passion to do what you do because it will show on your work and besides, why would you make a career out of it when you don't like what you're doing, right?

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