Photo Box: Capturing Beauty with Ralph Casquejo

One of the many people that Davao City should be proud of is Monsieur Ralph Casquejo. Born and bred in Davao City ,this man has proven his undeniable talent in photography as he travels and captures the many faces of happiness through his lens. 

The first time I browsed through his portfolio and his Facebook albums, I knew exactly right there and then that there is a need for the Davaoist to feature him! His photos are three things: positive, fresh and always full of love! No wonder why he has covered so many events like weddings and pre-nups already! Aside from that, he has done family portraits and conceptual ones as well. 

To give you a peek of his beautiful work, take a look at some of the photos below.

To see more and be updated with his projects, don't hesitate to like him on Facebook!

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