30 Best Recent Artworks by Davao Graphic Artists

The graphic design community here in Davao City is just full of really impressive talents. We have already featured a few of them, and we know that there are still a lot out there that are yet to be discovered. We are actually struggling to find these people since Davaoeños seem a bit shy in suggesting to us some awesome artists that they know. But there was this one event that took place in Davao just recently that has helped us a lot to see what we were looking for.  We are yet to contact some few people to ask them if they would want to be featured in our little blog. 

They called the event Davao Art Attack 2 and it took place in Yellow House Café.  What the organizers of the event did was that they asked some digital artists here in Davao to submit some of their works to be showcased in the event. We were not able to go to the event to cover it because the Davaoist team turned into lazy potatos that day. However, we did look at all the submitted artworks and just thought that we should really share some of them to you. 

Anyway, here are our 30 best artworks from Davao Art Attack 2 

Eponymous by : Mark James Manubay 

Bomberman by: Omar Sanchez 

                                          Super Girl By: Redentor Genotiva

                           All the Hidden Entrance by: Tsad De Lira 

                                  Young Captain's Vow by: Tsad De Lira

Every Swirl Has a Twist by: Ace Aguilar 

Tumba Lata by: Ace Aguilar 

Chillin Out by: Alben Tan
(read our feature about this artist)

Spawn Apocalypse by: Alben Tan 

         Nyan Rats From Planet Comfort Zone by: Alduane Maño

                               (Read our feature about this artist)

                    Battle of the Mind Warfare by: Alduane Maño
                               (Read our feature about this artist)

Mega Mon by: Arnel Pablo 

                         Kaye, Jean and Charlene by : Arvin Magturo 

President Fidel V. Ramos by: Arvin Magturo 

Master of Puppets by: CJ Paclauna 

Titanic by: Ed Louie Buisan 

Tales from the Crypt by: Ed Louie Buisan

New Age Batibot by: Eric Ibasco 

Hey Lil Mama by: Eric Ibasco 

Nostaldream by: Janine C. Pring 

                                         Ecodream by: Janine C. Pring 

Joystick Diskette by Jerran Takahashi                         

                                        Turtle Power by: Jon Tarranza

MTV Logo Geometry Pop by: Marx Consuegra 

Damgo by: Rodanson Larion 

                                     The Phone Era by: Sanju Chugani

Get Inked by: Tagart Alvez 

Play till You Drop : Viennarz Curtiz 

Mr. A-Z by: Glenn Cabalida

We have already featured a few kick ass digital artists here in Davao City.  Take a look at their awesome artworks here: Davaoist: Digital Artists 

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Images from : Davao Graphic Designers Community Facebook Page