Top 7 Fixed Gear Bikes That I Probably Won't Own Pretty Soon

 To tell you the truth,I used to think of fixed gear bikes back then as boring and lousy. Yes,  they do look really awesome and all, but I didn't really think that they are quite cut out for the kind of biking adventures that I want to engage myself into. I also don't live in a a city like New York where the urban landscape can offer a commuter a great ride(that's what I feel though). But the one thing that really changed my opinion about Fixed Gear Bikes was the movie "Premium Rush". Watching  the character of Joseph Gordon-Levitt chasing and getting chased while on his crumby-looking fixie was enough to sell me on the idea that a fixed gear should indeed be a part of a urban commuter's arsenal.

There might  be a thousand fixed gear bikes out there and I'm pretty sure that all of them are amazing in their own way but the ones that have attracted me the most are those who's designs are, in my own taste, near perfect. The possibility that I would own one pretty soon is at the same level as the possibility that I would grow the hair which I have lost starting 6 months ago. But hey! I still did shop around and tried to look for the top fixed gear bikes that I wanted to hang in my bike garage one day. The whole searching part was not easy and it didn't end without any causalities. I needed to change my keyboard after it because it got all wet with drool  and messed up after the many hours of looking for the items that will fit well for this list.

           Vendetta Cycles Mad Max 

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This wicked looking baby from Vendetta Cycles surely takes "mad" to its maximum level. Every little component of this bike is made by the most crafty hands in the industry right now ( Garret Clark and Conor Buescher), the same people who built the "Green Hornet". 

Tokyo Fixed Dart

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That's not a bike. That's a ninja with wheels! The Tokyo Fixed Dart by is the materialization  of  sexy plus speed. It looks elegant and it can surely make you swoosh through the road and unknowing pedestrians without them even noticing you. Yeah! I'm talking about stealth. 

      Vanilla Bikes NAHBS Track

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The bike right here has a really great story behind it's conception. I want to tell you the story myself but I think that it would be better if you hear it from the expert in telling such Read the story here

                      Feather Cycles Black Track
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Ricky Feather is a person whom you can call as a real modern day artisan. He is now establishing a shiny name for himself as a go-to-guy for custom bikes in UK, and let me tell you that that name is now shining as bright as the perfectly polished bicycles that he builds for every client. The Black Track is just one his masterpieces, you can see more of them by checking out his blog

          Argonaut Cycles

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This bike, this perfectly crafted speedster is the absolute one that deserves to be on biker's garage. Oh! since it looks and performs so good, why not keep it in your room where it will be safe and sound each night. Damn! Argonaut Cycles  is a newcomer in the custom bike industry and obviously, they're all about making your dreams of that perfect  carbon machine a reality. 

            Feather Cycles Lo-Pro

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The Lo Pro is all about speed  and comfort. This bike is made with Ricky Feather's signature style and that means a well-built frame and  other components which are guaranteed to take your riding experience to another level. 

            Cannondale Track
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Some people, very stupid people, have said that elegance and ruggedness can't exist in something all at the same time. Well, they are wrong, and one  thing that can prove this Cannondale Track  fixie right here. 

There are still a lot of really impressive  fixed gear bikes out there and knowing that makes me feel that I should put more than the seven bikes here in my list. If any of you bike enthusiast happen to read this post, please help enlighten this poor soul and  suggest to me some bikes that I should include on my next list. 

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