Portfolios: Alben Tan(Digital Art)

You know that moment when you have just seen a really awesome artwork and you wish that you know the person who made it so you can call him up to congratulate him for the very fine job that he did? That is what I felt when I first saw the works of Alben Tan. This guy is a really high caliber digital artist. He is churning out stuff that could pretty much compete internationally. And I mean it! God! He's got the freaking  Midas Hand, I tell you. 

Alben Tan have studied Architecture in the University of Mindanao. He now works as a one of the concept artists/asset artists/ architectural concept designers for Tropa Entertainment. He and his gang of highly creative digital artist is now cooking up a game project for Big Fish. On the side, he also accepts t-shirt commission, caricatures, painting, and 3D rendering works.  

Back to the fun part. The thing that I really like about the works of Alben is that they seem so real-especially the landscapes that he made. They are like post cards that was sent to you by a friend who is currently on an adventure to find a mystical dragon or even the elixir of youth in a faraway land. He is also really good at making characters. It is because he just knows how to put the emotion in them, thus making the whole work very convincing. I'm not really that sharp in making comments about the artworks of other people, so I leave that job to you. What I'm  good at is finding really talented people and then introducing them to the waiting public. I am a scary judge of talent ( Al Pacino said this line in a movie). Believe me. I am. And Alben Tan is just one of those bright gems that I caught my attention in the crowded digital art community in Davao City. 

Here are some parts of my interview that I did with Alben.

Me: When did you start making digital paintings?

Alben: "I started way back in 2008. I think 2nd year irregular ko that time. But i stopped for a while sa digital painting because nabusy ko sa school stuffs specially katong paingon nako graduating kay ang thesis. so murag hiatus stage kaau ang 2009-2010. Nagstart ko balik around mid 2011. Murag 2011 pud ang pinakadako na transition sa improvement nako kay todo practice jud every month kay human na man ang thesis. That was also the year na nabuhat nako ang mga BEN10 artworks/semi-realism artworks nako which was outside sa comfort zone na usual nako na style and paintings. Since then ngtuloy2 na ko painting until now discovering and learning new styles na pwede pa ma-learn hantud sa makaya. Karon sige lang gihapon kuris2 ug masking unsa. Fave word "kuris-kuris"."

Me: What are your inspirations when you create digital paintings?

Alben: "I get a lot of inspirations everywhere. Usually I get it by experiences or from people that I know or look up to. Happenings and events that makes me happy or sad can trigger an idea to create something extraordinary. A simple conversation with friends can be a source of something out of imagination. Movies that I watched can also be one........And when people see your artwork and appreciates it, Priceless. Knowing people loved your work.. that little something can already make me a very happy kid."

Me: Is there any piece of advice that you want to share to other newbie digital artists out there?

Alben: "Never lose patience.Digital artistry is never the easy-fast learning method. It takes time and perseverance (walay tulugay) if you're really eager to learn and improve. Don't ever be discourage on artists you think who are better than you. Always remember that at some point, they also had been in your shoes. And digital art is broad. It's not a one way street. There are a lot of styles and opportunities that you can ride on to. Better to choose a path and focus on it. And eventually, you'll suddenly realize that your hobby is becoming your life."

Pack your bags and get lost in the magical world that Alben made for us

See More of his works by visiting his Deviantart Acocunt