Devouring Davaoist: Backyard Burgers

By: Abigail Castro of

Burgers and fries is the ultimate comfort food combo. A delectable array of flavors coming from the savory pattysandwiched by a soft bun, then tossed in with some fresh vegetables, will surely be a winner in any foodie's book. Even for someone like me who isn't a big fan, you just can't turn down a good burger. And I know one when I taste one! 

Recently, I stumbled upon another gem in the long line of burger joints in Davao - Backyard Burger. I was all rave to E about it after we dined here and I knew it deserved a spot in my blog. In fact, I was left to wonder what took me so long to try it.

If you come in here expecting a grandiose facade, you might be slightly disappointed. Backyard Burgers has nothing of the extravagant ambiance that Hollywood Burgers has. But you cannot blame them - it is called Backyard Burger for a reason. Fine with me, though. The concept actually works - it's like having some barbecue and burgers with your friends at the yard. 

And now for the stuffs we came here for - the burgers...

The BB Yard Burger is the most basic burger that is available on their menu. It is priced at P90 and with that you can get 100% fresh pure beef patty (that is grilled to your preference), plain bun, tomato catsup, mayo, lettuce, onion, and a homemade steak sauce. 

Meanwhile, I went for one of their best-sellers: BB Japanese Oishii Burger (P150). It also comes with 100% fresh pure beef patty, cheddar cheese, Japanese nori, wasabi-Japanese mayo sauce, lettuce, cucumber, and onion. Thesefixings are sandwiched in a black sesame bun. 

The first bite was a pleasant surprise. The patty does taste like it is made with pure beef and that means noextenders. We chose to have our patties well done, which I love because there is a smoky flavor to it and yet still very juicy. The texture is amazing! Also, I love that they used curly lettuce because not only does it plate well, but also makes it easy to bite into. 

The spicy kick from the wasabi-mayo sauce on the Japanese Oishii Burger is really unique. Plus, the spicy hint introduces a nice layer of flavor into the burger, which you might think at first as something that would not work, but it does! It is actually excellent!

The only thing that I did not like about their burgers is the bun. I would prefer my bun to maintain its shape so that the fillings do not fall off with every bite. 

We closed off the meal with their S'Mores Cheesecake. Yes, S'mores Cheesecake. Two of my favorite things rolled into one. Each serving costs P70, which I got really excited about because it's really affordable. But you are served with this small cupcake that is one of the best things I've ever treated my taste buds to!

I would rank Backyard Burger as one of the best burger joints in the city for its delicious yet affordable burgers, ranking alongside my favorite Space Burger 

Backyard Burger has two branches in Davao: Central Quirino and Quimpo Boulevard.