Portfolios: Darwin Regner (Digital Art)

One of the perks of being a writer for The Davaoist is that you will get to know some of the most awesome people in the city. People whom I think has the mindset and the abilities that Davao desperately needs right now. Our generation needs passionate people if we want our city to have its own identity and  Darwin Regner is one of them. I don't know this guy personally. I never had an actual conversation with him. But  what I know is that he is one of the Davaoeños ( along with the other people that got and will get featured in this magazine) that can potentially help our city escape from the boorishness that is it is suffering from right now. That vision of the future might be a long way but we just gotta have try and take a leap towards it. 

Darwin is a hard worker. He now works as a desginer for tshirtpusher.com and fdsportwear.com and at the same time he teaches at Holy Cross of Davao College. Pretty Impressive. He have also talked to me about a venture that they are going to launch pretty soon. I think that I am  allowed to talk about Azzmonkey.com, which is a premium clothing brand who are intended for people who can afford to play hard and then party even harder (the life). If not, then "ooops!"

My most favorite designs that are made by Darwin are the ones that exude his wit and also the ones that seem to attack the conventional. His skills in creating graphic designs is impeccable. His inclination on incorporating subtle ( ok, not all of the time) messages to his work is also something  fresh. And because of that, we just hope that we would be able  to see more of Darwin's artworks in the future. 

                       You can see more his work by visiting his online portfolio

                        Here are some of the stunning graphic designs that 

                                        Darwin had in store for us.  

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  1. You know digital art! Darwin, if you keep continue in the same way. Within short time you will be a digital star. :)