5 Reasons Why You Should Join Behance Portfolio Review

I was supposed to write about this weeks ago. But there are moments in your life when something really bad happens and you just can't write anything. In my case, I turned into a sloth. A lazy old sloth who prefers to watch Onion News or Vsauce videos rather than fiddle with his computer's key board and write about serious things. True Story. 

First thing that you need to know is that the Behance Portfolio Review Davao- Mindanao Leg was made possible by our friends in Balud Art Network, 98B and Steetkonect. They partnered up with Behance, one of the largest online portfolio platforms in order to bring this grandiose event in our city. What they want to do is to invite young (25 below) graphic artist, illustrators, and photographers who are based here in Davao City to submit their best works in order to have to chance to participate in the Davao-Mindanao Leg of the Global Portfolio week. The catch is that they would only choose 30 artist to join in the fun. So why would you take your chances if they are only choose 30 visual artist? Well, let me give you five reasons! 

Here are the reasons: 

1. You will get to hang out with the best creative people in the city. For one whole week you will get to rub elbows with them, share ideas, and also learn some tricks of the trade from them. 

2.  You're works will be reviewed by experienced professionals. 

3. You will get the chance to present your works to a group of people whom you can be pretty sure knows what you are talking about. 

4. You and your artworks will finally get the recognition (or exposure) that they deserve.

5. Lastly, being short-listed on this event will look pretty nice on your resume, which means more awesome opportunities for you in the future. 

And you know pretty well that these are not just the things that you will get out of this if you get the chance to participate in this event. This is a really great opportunity for you to grow as a creative ( Yes, I am talking to you visual artist reader). And you only got 3 days to submit your works to them,I suggest you start cramming  right at this moment. 

One guy who have been a part of the Behance Portfolio Review in Manila blogged about his experiences and what he learned during the event. This is a good read for those people who are still trying to convince whether to take their chances in submitting their works or not. What do you have to lose anyway? Right? Oh yeah! read this: 5 Things I learned in Attending The Behance Philippines Portfolio Review

Here are some of the scenes on the Behance Portfolio Review in Manila. Look at the photos, it will be fun.

They said : See Posters for more details. Well, here's the poster, see the details here.