Photo Box: Photographing What Was Left After Pablo with Dennis Taylor

Remember Pablo? That rascal of a typhoon that have completely wiped out the provinces of Baganga, Boston and Cateel late last year? Remember that? That sick son of a gun. Well, I guess you do- it was all over the news. Events that are a tragic as that is always treated as "hot topic" by news agencies. They report to you stuff such as the destruction, the squalor and depressing situation of the victims, death tolls, inter-community conflicts , shortage of this and that, and off course, lip service. However, after all of the hype, when the tragedy starts to wear off of  its relevance to the eyes of the public, they just pack up and leave then move on to the next story or even make a full coverage about the love life of some loud mouth damsel in distress ( I really want to say the B word but I'm in an a good mood right now).

So, if you are looking for some updates on how the victims are holding up-you won't find anything. There have been some talks that the provinces that were seriously hit by the typhoon would take years to recover- to go back to how it used to be. That means, that for a couple of years, the people there would have to live in desolation and poor living conditions. Good thing is that the local elections is already on its way, so pretty much there's a lot of activity that is going on right there. But then again, after all of that, things would go back to normal. And the normal that the residents of Baganga, Boston, and Cateel know and live right now is just fucked up. Now do you see those men with big cameras covering that? Nope.

In this installment of the "Photo Box" we show to you the photographs that Dennis Taylor took when visiting his hometown-Baganga. He is now working  at VXI, a  BPO company in Davao City. The drama is that these photos are among the first shots documented by his brand new camera. That is just very cool. And whats even cooler is that, even though it was his first time to shoot stuff using his new device, the photos looked really great! It is as if they were shot by an expert photo journalist. Dennis also did a really good job at capturing the raw emotions that we all have been yearning to see. It's as if he wanted us to feel like we are there, just beside him, as he shows us what is left of the hometown that he loves.

We picked up some photos from his photo series entitled "Home"

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