Photo Box: Uncovering the Dark Side of Enchanted Kingdom With Markuz Pidor

Never in my wildest imagination have I thought that portraying a seemingly fun place like Enchanted Kingdom as  a child-swallowing,dark ,and mysterious rendezvous for lost souls is even possible and by any sense would look totally cool.Most people would see E.K as what it is. A place for fun and games where we have the permission to be transported back to our childhood. But that was not the case with our guy Markuz Pidor, whom I think, pretty much sees things differently than most of us. You just know that this guy have depth and an imagination that can turn mundane events into frozen moments that compels us to visit somewhere that we have never been before. That last sentence, my fellow Davaoists, is my definition of creativity. 

I don't remember how I stumbled upon his Dark Enchantments album. All that I remember though is that when I did, I immediately felt the urge to share it. Just exactly like the urge that you feel when you are about to eat something that is totally mouth-watering. You just have to Instagram it before you take a bite( people who do this  please raise yor hand). However, this time we all get to enjoy the exquisite experience that Markuz had prepared for all of us-one photo at a time.

I'm not really sure if Markuz doesn't really want me to divulge much information about him or if I'm just bad at getting jokes ( maybe I am just bad at getting jokes). But I won't say anything more about him. If you force me, I may have to take you Markuz's version of Enchanted Kingdom and let you lose and ask "Mr. Kapre Corn" to soften you up. 

Take a look at the world of Markuz by visiting his Tumblr Blog

         Now gather up and take a look at the other side of Enchanted Kingdom 

That guy right there. That is "Mr. Kapre Corn"

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