Davao Skateboarders Shows Us Some Skills and Some Battle Scars

Last week, me and my team have set out on a mission to attack some of the skateboarders in Davao City in their camp inside the ruins of an old mini amphitheater inside Magasaysay Park. There were only three of us. We knew that we will be out-numbered, but we were brave souls. When we reached the camp, we found out that there was more than 20 of them. All of them already warmed up and probably already filled with adrenaline since they have been skating since 3 pm. " Are you ready team?" I asked to my comrades. The female looked undaunted, while the male did the sign of the cross. I checked the weapons and I was relieved the they were complete. Camera:check. Notepad:check. Ball Pen:check. Female Comrade:check. Male comrade that looks a little geeky:check. We were ready for battle. 

We got a plan. When we got in, we decided to spread out immediately.  Me and the female comrade went straight to the generals and got into a conversation with them for an article which we are going to write. Little did they know that it's just a distraction because while we were doing that, my male comrade is already setting up to take photos of some of the skaters. I signaled to our photographer, telling him to take the photos using an old cracked wall as the background. After that, he already knew what to do-show us their battle scars. He's a good soldier, that guy. 

"Battle Scars"

What I meant about the "battle scars" were the marks on the deck on a skateboard's deck. Those marks pretty much says a lot about the skater. They answer questions like. How long has he been skating? How long has he been with his skate?What are his favorite tricks? What's the trick that he has been working on?How often does he skate? Those type of questions. There is actually a story behind all of those scratches. I state that as a matter of fact. 

      "Lee Roy"


"Agavic Tattoo"









If you think that you will see photographs of skateboarders  looking awesome and all while doing their tricks,  then you are wrong. You know why? Because we would totally suck at doing that. I just grabbed our photographer out of his chair, still half dazed from playing too much online games. People who are in that state can't be relied upon to take photos of anything that is moving. Not even an old woman crossing the street. However, we have a surprise for you. In order for you to see the Davao Skateboarders in action, we will show you a video. The video is entitled "Skate and Indioy". The video was created by "Indio Familia" and is a collection of the best tricks from the top skateboarders in the city. 

Here's the video! INDIOY! 


  These two are my comrades. Brave souls. Brave souls. :)

                                                                     Alexy Jara


                             Lorven Ostique



  1. These guys are my comrades. It's great to know that the local skate scene is getting attention online and in the real world. :)

  2. where can i buy an affordable skateboard in davao city?