Photo Box: Photographing Pure Happinness with Foxy Lorrie

I first met this beautiful Davaoeña way back in 2006 when my friends and I had our photo taken at 1001 Digital Photography (SM Ecoland). I believe that it is the go to studio for barkadas and families alike. Miss Lorrie was very welcoming and friendly during our first encounter that it didn't just happen as a one time thing! It became a tradition as my friends and I would go there to have our faces immortalized through the works of her highly enthusiastic team of photographers even without any particular reason at all! In 2009, the first time we wore our scrubs, my groupmates actually went to the studio! Don't judge us, but yes, we particularly celebrated almost every moment of our university days there! Personally though, the most memorable thing about Miss Lorrie was in 2008 when I asked her team to cover my 18th birthday celebration. I chose them because I knew they would do so well...and yes they delivered! 

Miss Lorrie being a photographer does so well in portraiture. What I really like about her is her ability to capture that exact moment where emotions are seen beyond the faces of the subjects...That hundredth of a second where time seems to stop and the shutter successfully opens and closes then voila, a moment is seized and perfectly captured!

Recently, she did a photoshoot for an acquaintance who works in the US Military and her fiancée. Take a look at the photos below and be inspired to get married (or just be inspired)!

Aside from this, Miss Lorrie also did shoots featuring blooming and expectant mommies! What a great idea!

To book shoots, you can contact Miss Lorrie through her Facebook account or call 1001 Digital Photography using the numbers provided below!