Portfolios: Megan Palero (Digital Art+ Motion Graphics)

There is something about Megan Palero  (Yellowjacket) that makes me not want to write this article about him. I think that I'm still not quite cut out for it. That it is still too early and the blog is still too young to feature a guy, whom appeals to me as the "Bansky" of the local digital arts scene.But I have already committed to this whole thing. So, here goes!
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Megan  was born and raised in Davao City. He is a son of a mechanic and a pharmacist who made sure that their son enters a program for the arts in his high school days. At the age of 16 he moved to Manila to study animation and computer graphics, but that didn't turn out good. After just a few months he had to stop because of one very common reason- their means of supporting his education has already been depleted. But that didn't stop him to pursue his passion for the art form that he have chosen. After that set back he just focused on teaching himself with the fundamentals of motion graphic design. He practiced incessantly as if his life depended on it. 

In 2008 he was able to land a job as a graphic artist for a BPO company.  After a year he moved to being a creative for a media company that makes infomercial videos. Then after spending two years in that company he got offered a job for a video production house. He is one hell of a job-hopper. But I guess it just his way of avoid getting his creativity compromised by the industry that he is in. He is now currently working as a video compositor/2D artist for Flux Design Lab which is a design firm based here in the Philippines. That's all I know so far. 
Megan's workspace
He believes that rules are made to be broken especially if you want to surpass your limits as a creative. His main goal is to deliver work that may influence other artists and designers to go beyond and just let their own  innate artistry to lead them wherever it might want to lead them. His style is more like a remake of what is real. The artworks that he makes just gives you a feeling of deja vu. 

"It's like painting (and) distorting the strokes to make it more alive. The style is only for display and showcase  for art and music and not for labels or commercial use. The motion graphics design works are a treatment of my values and attitudes where it is flexible enough to allow the elements to flow in different varieties." 
-Megan Palero on describing his complex artworks

Here are things that you need to know about Megan Palero:
- His inspirations are Tatiana Plakhova, Michael Paul Young, Alan Moore, Vincent Van Gogh, Banksy
- He never works without music... Grunge music....
-He despises pork as he despises Justin Beiber.
His arsenal of weapons for mass creation
I actually want to talk about how his motion graphics and the music that he used for them have reached the depths of my soul. But you wouldn't care about it anyway. So I just decided to provide to you some sample of his motion graphics works and let them reach your own soul.

Here they are! 

L*Abore Festival 2013


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Now it's time for you to get lost in his uncanny but beautiful designs
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