14 Bad-ass Quotes from Mayor Rodrigo Duterte

By: Davaoist Staff 

Rodrigo "Rudy" Duterte, the father of our city, is one of those rare individuals whose being a bad-ass is not offensive at all. At least not for most of us though. But, I'm pretty sure that those who have become direct targets of his tongue-lashing, public taunts, his famous middle finger, and also his signature I-dont-give-a-fuck-who-you-are attitude are the ones who get seriously offended. And we just don't care about those cry babies. Every single Davaoeño,especially the young ones totally agree that those people deserve it. If you mess with our Mayor- you lose. There is absolutely no point in getting into an all out verbal war with him. 

Mayor Duterte is not just an icon of the good kind of bad-ass but he is also a living example of what real public service should be like. We all know how he is. But, I will not really get into that right now because this piece is all about the most bad-ass stuff  he said just recently. Here they are.

1. "The criminals have no place in this city except jails, detention centers, and god forbid, funeral parlors."

2. " Stop or leave. If you can't or will not, you will not survive. You can either leave vertically or horizontally."

3. "I tell you criminals. Don't come to this city."

4. "Barilin kita. Bakit mo ako suntukin? Ako nga ang peace maker para walang blood shed tapos suntukin ako. I'll shoot you."

5. "She is not ready to aplologize. She offers no excuses. No aplologies. No nothing. So be it. The yakkings of the mouth... Millions of them. You want blood? We will give it to you."

6. " Yang mga bleeding progressive minds, you know how to deal with the problem? You tell us."

7 . "Kung hindi naman kayo tarantado. Anak ko yan eh. I only know one event yung tatay iniwan ang anak. God the father allowed his only son to be crucified. The problem is I am not God the father. But she is my daughter. Period.

8 . "Pag napatay niyo, doblado, 4 million ako. Ngayon, pag dinala niyo ang ulo ni Ryan Yu dito da akin,lagyan mo lang ice para hindi mabaho, dadagdag ako nang 1 million. So that's 5 million."

9 . "Don't fuck with my team. Hindi ako papayag ng ganyan. Anarchy? Paano tayo makakatulong kung lahat tayo puro aktor?"

10 . "Anarchy eh! Kung pakialaman pa ang medisina eh ano ang silbi ng doctor ko? So they can choose, we can add more casualties by bullets. Nasa kanila yan."

11."Kadtong manimba ug buntag, di gyud mo kita. Mas maayo pa ayaw nalang mo simba, diri nalang mo tutok "Gikan sa Masa". Pwede na man nang katulo sa isa ka tuig. Sugot na man ang Ginoo ana."

12. "What is wrong if I use my freedome of expression and invoke it now? What does it send you, yang dirty finger? What does it connotate? Sige daw?... Rosales asks the DILG to teach me a lesson? Sila ang pumunta dito and I will teach them a lesson of the freedom of expression. Lecture-an ko sila with the finer points of the constitution."

13 ." God must have been somewhere else or forgot that there was planet Earth."

14. "Bullshit ka Boy! Fuck you!"

(Disclaimer: This article was not written in order to attack a specific person nor a group of people. It's simply just for fun. The quotes are taken from videos and written pieces featuring Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. )




  1. We have finally been given someone who is able to provide real leadership! We don't need someone who only talks about his platforms and has nothing to show. Duterte has an unquestionable track record and one only needs to look at Davao to see how prosperous a city can become, under the right leader! Tapang at malasakit! Duterte-Cayetano for the win, wait and see; real change is coming, filipinos!

  2. These are my favourite Duterte quotes...


  3. Can he break dance? I bet he'd throw a mean pop and lock! Mosh pit? Step out! Rapping? You better back up before you get smacked up!