Portfolios: Mark James Manubay(Digital Art)

Eighteen year old Mark James Manubay is a Davaoeño Vector/Vexel artist  that you just can't ignore. There is actually a slew of Vector artists in the city right now, all of them are pretty impressive however, Mark is the one that has the most crazy ideas. And as we all know, crazy ideas, when executed properly, can be genius.

He is now studying BSIT in AMA Computer College and is also a DOTA addict. One thing that you need to know is that he started out creating digital artworks when he was still in 4th year high school. But, things have changed when he discovered a Facebook page named Editor's Zone, which was the main reason why he started out getting more and more serious about Vector and Vexel Art. His main drive, really,was to make  really cool vector portraits of himself and also of his friends. But right now, he is a an artist that has 2 two year experience under his name and is now accepting commission work for anybody who is interested.

I know it doesn't really matter what I think about his work. But I'm going to say it anyway. Well I think that Mark, has a lot of potential. You see, if you are a big fan of Vector and Vexel art, you know  that the styles which are being used by artists right now are pretty generic in a way. They make photos of other people look a lot better by giving it a twist. That's it! Our artist in focus right now does those kind of work  alright, however, he also has some really great ideas of his own (see: "you deserve this" art work, collab with kim valle, and Punkist artwork).

We asked him about the things that inspires him to get better with his craft. " I have nine idols right now and I'm just really amazed with their artworks. These people are Aseo, Mark Atas, Rizaldy Catapang, Jayson Vitug, Bars Torres, Renen Mariano, Aris del Rosarion, and Ivan Pasustento. I really love the artworks that they create, and they are now teaching me on how to be a good graphic artists and as well as critic my work.  The quality of their work and their styles are just fantastic and I want to their level someday." 

Mark James also has some words of wisdom for those young artist who want to get into graphic arts. " Never give up, try and try until you succeed. Just like in skateboarding- Don't quit if you fall. Do it again and again until you do it. Don't be afraid to try something new. Get inspired by other artists and also your crushes. Most importantly, always be open to criticisms about your artwork for you to know if there are other areas that you need to improve on" 

If you want to see more of Mark's fine works. All you need to do is visit his online Portfolio