Portfolios: Marvin Consuegra

Marvin "Marx" Consuegra is almost everything that you want to be if you are currently self-teaching your self on how to be a great web designer. He started from the bottom, but now, he can already be  considered as  one of the pioneers of the digital design scene here in Davao City. Marvin now works as a freelance designer   and was able to create good relationships with employers across Australia and US. This guy is also the one responsible for creating the Davao Graphic Designers Community, which I'm pretty sure was one of the catalysts that started out the increase in the number of highly impressive digital designers in the city. He is also  a member in the training committee of DUADD ( Davao United Association of Animators and Designers). And oh! the list goes on and on. 

We wanted to put in all of the designs of Marx, including the ones he made for websites and as well as his info graphics, however, "Portfolios" is only focused on illustrations and similar whatnot. If you want to check out his whole body of work, just check out his online portfolio

What I really like about the illustrations made my Marx is that they are all super clean. There is no doubt that he is a very talented illustrator with a deep well of imagination, but what's more impressive about his works is that you will never ever find a stray line or pixel in them.  All is premeditated perfection and that can only be executed by capable hands. 


  1. I looked at Marx's portfolio. Two words: "Trying Hard". Sorry dude but you're just one of those guys who wanna be like a pro but you're not. I was laughing at your designs. Lol. Amateur. I looked at Alduane's designs and damn straight those are edgy designs unlike yours. And I looked at your other designs like print, web, and what not. Man....come on, you consider yourself a designer? What a lame. Anyway, I'm a designer myself with over 10 years of experience and I live in Davao and having a great time with my life as a designer. Anyway dude, practice more. Peace out!

  2. By the way, you might wanna check out Dex Fernandez's designs. He's not from Davao City though but he's a good friend of mine. Check him out on Facebook. Peace out!

    1. One word for you "jealousy" will kill you (hehe) If i know, you and Dex Fernandez are the same person. Shame on you for criticizing other people's design just to be notice. Your'e just one of those spam warrior to advertise your designs, there's a lot of good ways to be popular in your field dude. Real designer begins from a clean heart to create a good output. Peace out too! haha