Get to Know Davao Music Nation

Davao Music Nation is the authority when it comes to featuring the music scene here in our city. When the site went live last year, it was not just the birth of an exclusive online Davao music magazine. It was something more than that. For the people who have been passionately following the progression of the Davao music scene, the conception of Davao Music Nation was a beginning of a revolution that could potentially help make the world explore the amazing music talents that our city has to offer.

The thing that you need to know is that this website is a serious project that was conceptualized over bottles of beer. I know two really great ideas that got incubated during a beer-drinking session- Guinness Book of World Records and Davao Music Nation.  The date was March 28, 2011. Jessica Madrazo and Johann Calderon, two of the main founders of DMN were drinking a couple of beers when the topic of starting a music magazine exclusive for Davao came up. The initial idea was for them to get into the cruel world of print publication, a world barraged with crushing pressures and  high costs. Good thing that Jessica knows that world pretty well and they have decided to build an online magazine instead. The following day the two of them went straight to work. They invited two people, JR de Castro and Julia Sta. Romana to join in the core group and contribute on the areas of promotions, marketing, and other technical stuff. The next step was to give the site its really catchy name and then after that, they purchased a domain on the same day. These folks work really fast.

"We all agreed on the concept, feature an artist each month, inject additional articles to keep it going, feature their music,their photos, videos, etc, and that we launch in 3 months, on May 26. It was to be without bias on musical preferences, styles and genres. It was just an avenue for musicians to promote themselves if they like, and establish Davao's music scene to the world." says Jessica when  I asked her about their goals when on the initial stages of the online magazine.

She also added, "Today, we have 4 partners, Dig Radio, Radio Republic, Pinoy Tuner and My Davao TV, all of them equally eager to know and share more about what's happening here in the south in terms of music. We have contributors, Kara Ahorro (K-Pops), Baian Valdez (Baian Muna), Klaus Doring(Classics Davao), Benjie Dimayuga (B Sides, Mic Fernandez on design, and Evan Bagsarsa (Trigger) on video editing for all of which do this for the love of Davao and our music, without compensation. Love is our currency. In the coming months, we will be launching a new show DMN GASStation (Gear Acquisition Syndrome or Gears Atong Storyahan), from Slawee ofOrange Box, Benjie aka UMBRO, and Anne and Mic of Anne Mendoza. All of whom, we consider to be a solid part of DMN."

One more thing. The Davao Music Nation is set to celebrate their anniversary this June, 1 , 2013. All of the bands that they have featured as artist of the month will play in that event. The event is also their way to say thank you to the people who helped them during their first year, to show their show their doubters that they are still alive and kicking, and also to show their fellow Davaoenos who great the Davao music is, if they just give it a chance.

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