Even Gods Will Go to Excursion 2

Oh yeah! This is it baby. Excusion Part Two. I may have exaggerated the title a little bit(just a little bit), but if you have been to the Excursion 1 then you might  agree with me on the title. I mean, that was a great night. Being able to watch Pedicab perform on stage is always a great night. However, that event was not just about Pedicab. It was actually a collection of performances  that was intended to cause musical overdose to everyone  inside that venue. Did I overdose? Of course! I was even already too drunk on the get go. 

Now, concerts  are like movies. If  the one that you watched was good, then you are probably secretly wishing that there is a part 2. You know, another installment where the hero has a new gang that could  help him save the world from another breed of enemies. I actually felt and even saw that in the faces of the peoplwhen the Excursion 1 was done. Their faces all sweaty from too much bumping and grinding with crowd but you can see the sadness. You can see that they already miss the highly impressive artists that have just given them a great night. But now, with the Excursion 2 on its way those same people might probably be as happy as, I don't know, Ronald Mcdonald  eating a Jollibee Chicken Joy? 

 Tickets are sold at only 200 pesos and you can get them now by visiting the Sa'less Diner's Facebook Page.

This years Excursion at Sa'less Diner and Moozika is going to be meaty. And I mean MEATY  Lineup-wise.  
Check out their Excursion 2's promotional video to see why I everybody is pumped up in Davao City right now.