Portfolios: Brian Repizo

Brian  "Maze" Repizo is now making a name in the digital art scene in Davao City. One factor that is pushing  his popularity up is his clothing business IDEYA. His skill in drawing  absolutely belongs on the higher level compared to most of us. However, if you ask him, he will surely disagree and may even tell you something that will expose to you his shy and often reserved personality. We just wish that he comes out of that shell. And when that day comes, there is no doubt that this guy can deliver us things that we have never seen before. 

If you are a big fan of zombies or monsters, then you will surely love the works of Brian.  His skills and imagination enables him to create designs with gruesome characters in it that you will surely want to be printed on your shirt. Obviously, he is now he is now trying to take advantage of the increasing popularity of zombie and monster designs, and I think that that is a really wise decision to make if you want to get your art to spread all over. 

Brian promised that he will update his portfolio pretty soon. When he's done with that, we will make sure that sure that you will be the first one's to dive into them. 

                                            Check out some of the works of Bryan Repizo

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