Portfolios: A Life in 3d with Rafael Benedicto

If  you love 3d, then you will definitely love the works of Rafael Benedicto. He is one of the few Davao graphic artists that have already perfected the art of organic modelling, robotic modeling, vehicle modeling, and a texturing with the use of software like 3ds Max and Adobe Photoshop. And when I say the word " perfected", I mean it and with no intent to over-sell. He actually wrote on his bio that he is "quite proficient" in making 3d models. Well, don't believe him. Believe me when I say that "quite proficient" does not suffice to describe the quality of his work. 

Rafael is now studying BS-Architecture in Ateneo De Davao University. So, pretty much, when he is done with that, he will begin to grace the world with his hyper futuristic Halo-themed buildings. I have not really seen some of his Industrial models so I'm just taking a guess here. However, that concept may actually look pretty awesome. Or he may even end up designing video games and movies or the other whatnot. But whatever path he chooses ( he may even chose the path of the Jedi)  we just feel the certainty that he will do great in it and make every Davaoist proud. 

You can check out his online portfolio to see more of the awesome 3d models that he made. 

The models that were made by Rafael are hyper-realistic. They all seem like they could jump out of your screen any moment. You don't believe me? Take a look at some of the samples that we have provided for you below. 

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