A Very Long Test Post

This is the first post in this blog.( okay, that was a pretty boring start). I am actually planning to create some sort of a magazine  that obsessively tells stories about the awesome things that are happening inside Davao City.Back then, I thought that the whole thing is a pretty great idea.However, after a couple of minutes,  I thought that it was just the effect of rum. Almost everybody, once in their lifetime, will be in that moment when they thought that they are being a total genius just for coming up with something that they think that will totally take off--especially if they are under the influence of rum, or gin, or vodka, mixed up with  a little boredom and empty sense of purpose( pretty dramatic moment,I tell you). But everybody also almost certainly forgets about it in the morning. A friend of mine told me that that I just had an "Epiphany.I was not really sure if the guy was right. I never really knew what the word meant, until I looked it up just recently. Well, I admit it now, the guy was somewhat right ( smart guy he is). 

So, because  I just had an "Epiphany"(gay), I will try really hard to waste a lot of your time whenever you visit this blog.  Lucky you, I have been trained by Kurt Vonnegut himself, and he made me swear while my hand was inside a pot of burning coal that I would only write things that is worth anybody's while. ( I'm not really trained by Kurt Vonnegut and I'll probably be writing crappy things that will make you sick for two weeks). The plan is to hunt down the best stories that we could share to the citizens of the city who are obviously starving for something new, not fresh, but new. We are not talking about "NEWS" here. We are talking about something else. An experience. A free tour  in the parts of the city where you have never before. An introduction to strangers. A visual and verbal array that will either entice or disgust( we may have to resort to this option) your senses. And sometimes, if we feel  like it, we will try to give you something that are way beyond those things. Like new knowledge, tips, or even take you to the highly impressive magical world of "senseless bullsh*t in the internet.

I had this post-epiphany epiphany. Not really sure if such thing even exists, but believe me, I experienced it. It all happened when I was setting the whole thing up and asked myself this question- " Are there even any awesome stories  in this city?". If you have been living in this city for quite a long time, you will probably agree with me when I say  that this city is nothing special. It's no New York nor Mogadishu. We don't have world famous influences or 12 year old kids carrying Kalashnikovs walking around or picking their noses or  even just merely standing up feeling awesome and all in the corners of our city. Cebu and Manila certainly kicks our city's ass in terms of stimuli offered to the young generation. There is an obvious lag on  how trends in both culture and style are being transmitted to our city. Well, with things like  geography and economy being considered, there is supposed to be a lag. And damn! knowing that shit is depressing. DAMN! So, will there be stories? We are not really sure, but we are confident that something interesting will come up. And once that happens ( deliberately didn't finish the sentence to avoid writing something inappropriately corny). 

By now, you might already have an idea on what this blog is up to and what is it going to offer. But if you are quite confused, then you you are not alone "amigo". I guess that we just have to let life surprise us this time. 

-Markuz Dedal