Davao Brands: Make People Envy by Wearing the Gravefresh's Murder Crew Shirt

This is a much awaited release from Gravefresh Clothing , which is a Davao based clothing brand that is known to never disappoint. Since they started, they have been churning out shirts with jaw-dropping graphics, and the best part is, they seem to get better each year. The "Murder Crew" shirt has the signature style that GF is popular for. It is the type of shirt that you can wear whether you are playing it rough or just cruising around just like a real rock-n-rolla. 

Gravefresh Clothing also set to release some new stuff  in a few months. You would expect that they would be awesome and could be a perfect addition to your graphic t-shirt collection. 

I am going to tell you one good news. This shirt is now available to be pre-ordered through their site or their Facebook page. Why should you pre- order? Well, it is because their shirts sell like freaking pop corns in a movie house! That why! So, be smart and order the Murder Crew shirt as soon as you can or even right now! 

Visit Gravefresh on Facebook to Order this Shirt

Here's how you would look like if you wear the "Murder Crew" shirt and walk around with a baseball bat
 ( pretty awesome huh? )

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