Portfolios: Jan Neil Gador ( Dgitial Art)

I was trying to see what's happening on Facebook one day, when I saw one- a CHIBI. I don't know how or why the cute little creatures got that name, but I didn't care. I liked them. And  in fact I wanted them to come alive and run around my computer screen or even do some funny stunts that only cute little people can do (Damn! that would be fun). After imagining
those Chibis doing double back-flips and 360 somersaults I ventured on finding out on who was the conjurer of these cute teeny-weeny creatures. Well to my dismay, they were not created by a leprechaun or some apple-eating mysterious druid. They were actually created by Jan Niel Gador; a guy who never jokes around and who is always intensely focused( see above photo) when he is creating his Chibis. Nah! just kidding. Jan Gee is actually a very lighthearted good guy that  plays bass for the awesome band Azimuth.  

He actually made the chibis just for fun. Drawing your friends and seeing how they look like if they were animations sure is a fun activity to engage in. And you gotta give props to the guy. He really have the skills. If I were to turn my friends into animations they will surely look all the same- stick figures with lines for smiles and circles with small dots as eyes. Jan Gee also works as a PHP Developer for a web services firm. He rides his mountain bike and jams with his band whenever he has some spare time. 

We just hope to see more chibis from him someday. But as my reliable source told me ( Jan Gee himself told me) that seeing more chibis pretty soon will be unlikely because his laptop broke down. Oh! look the ROY Chibi is at it again, doing his signature Parkour tricks that he is really good at when wearing a Tuxedo
 ( peace Roy!).