Portfolios: John Bernard Rama


On our first installment of The Davaoist Portfolios we take a peek at the works of John Bernard Rama. This guy is a sketch artist/ball pen boy, whom as far as I know  is now making a decent amount of money making sketches for other people in Fivver. The first time that I saw his artworks (  the ones that he drew using only a ball pen)  I was already impressed, awestruck even. Now he has something new to offer. He now uses some water color ( I'm not really sure if it's water color or some magical pigment that came from the Land of OZ) to his new artworks and they all look mighty fine! The concepts of the  drawings that he makes comes from his highly imaginative clients. Basically,all you need to do  is to tell Bernard your idea, pay him up, and then he would already weave his magic. Once he is done, you will already have an artwork which is absolutely worth  posting on your website or even on the wall of your room.

The drawings that you will see below are just some of my personal favorites. The Phoenix with the rose and the skull, the  cutesy little monster that is not supposed to be fed, the cat just chilling on a space  shuttle or something in the outer space... And the sexy girl with a chicken's head! Those are the artworks that I wished I asked him to draw for me.

If you want to see more of his works just click- Bernard Rama Drawings

                                     Here are some of his totally rad drawings