Portfolios: Gil Geolingo ( Digital Art)

Gil Geolingo started creating digital artworks out of his fascination on the design of the characters that he saw in video games and movies. He was already into drawing and painting that time so when he decided to try his hand on making conceptual artworks, I bet the transition was pretty easy. He now works as concept artist for clients all over the world. So, basically he is making money doing something that he really loves, which I think is what every body is looking for. Gil is one of those lucky guys. 

I am a big fan of conceptual art. Sometimes I visit the website conceptartworld.com just to get lost in a world filled with new environments and characters.  It's like having a look into the future.Artists like Gil act like as our telescopes to the future by helping us take a peek at things we are still bound to see. 

One of the best things about Gil is that he is improving really fast. He just started to dive into the world of digital art just last year. I remember seeing some of his illustrations of superheroes and also his early attempts on making concept art. Those works were good but not that impressive. But his recent works have really caught my attention. My favorites are the ones that seems like a scene out of a sci-fi movie. Alien battle ships  dealing with the busy traffic in the outer space. I also like the new characters that he just made. From gargantuan ancient warriors who are obviously ready for battle to space crews and even guns! 

The artworks that you will see below is just a fraction of Gil's whole body of work. If you want to see more of his awesome creations. Just click these links: Gil's Art Album 1-- Gil's Art Album 2 --Gil's Art Album 3

Hey! Yes you! Take a look at the dazzling works of Gil!