DavaoiList: 12 Devilishly Good-Looking Motorbikes

The title says it all. This post is a collection of the motorbikes that I think could make any male an instant chick magnet (not really). I bet even if you have all of these bikes in your garage and you act like total asshole chicks would avoid as if you are a lowly old stinky skunk. On the flip side, if you have even just one of these sexy bikes and you act like a total gentleman, your dreams would come true. You may even get to hook up with your crush since kindergarten. One thing that you need to make sure is to perfect that dramatic removing of the helmet and getting of the bike ritual. Respect the ritual.

If you are a motorbike geek and you are reading this post, please don’t make super geeky motorbike geek comments. Go and talk to your mother about things like “CCs” and horsepower. However, if you are a person who only cares about the beautiful aesthetics on these new age machines, then please tell us about what you think about our list.

Here are the bikes. 

                                   BANDIT9 NERO MOTORCYCLE

                                BANDIT9 HEPHAESTUS 

                                                   BRD REDSHIFT MX 

                                       CLASSIFIED MOTO KT-600 

                                         DUCATI MONSTER DIESEL

                                   DP CUSTOMS MELE 


                                 HAMMERHEAD NINETY-TWO 

                                                JANUS HALYCON 50

                     SHAW F1-XLR HARLEY NIGHTSTER

                                   MOTTO MUCCI HONDA CX500 

                URAL YAMAL LIMITED EDITION SIDECAR                          

Got them from Uncrate.com