DavaoiList: 8 Running Shoes That Tops in Function and Style

Running is not just a form of exercise or a skill or whatever you might want to label it. It is not a lifestyle or a requirement to belong to another commercially backed sub-culture. Running is our birth right. We are endowed with this ability to explore our world in a much faster pace. Sometimes it is our defense from danger. I am one of those guys, who always run whenever I get the feeling that I would get into trouble. I run really fast too. I always pick it as an option when I get to the point where I get to choose between injuring my typing fingers and pounding some douche bag’s head until it turns into a burger patty.

The running shoes industry has evolved significantly in just a really short period of time. The shoes that were being sold back then never really had any science applied on them at all. They were just plain old textile and rubber sewn together to protect someone’s foot.  But in this day and age, the running shoes in the market already have some really awesome features that could certainly make any runner love running even more. I know I have talked about running being a birth right and how we should go back to seeing it a genuinely natural human activity but, you need to make sure that you got the right gear whenever you are running. It is totally different from walking around wearing an “I AM RUNNER” shirt and an unused pair of sneakers.

Companies like Saucony, Brooks, K-Swiss, (hmmmm) Nike are doing a really great job in revolutionizing and improving the shoes that runners from all over the world wear.  There are also other companies who are also making a name in the running shoes market. They have really awesome products that will surely fit your needs perfectly.

Here are our best 8 running shoes:

                                                               Asics Gel Excell33
                                               (Read Review)

Asics Gel Nimbus 13
Asics Gel Nimbus 13 - Pair

                                                              Saucony Pergrine 
                                                                       Read review
Men's Peregrine

Nike Fly Knit One 

                                                            K-Swiss Blade Max
                                              Read Review

Reebok Zigtech

                                                        Under Armour Spine RPM
                                                   Read Review
Under Armour Spine RPM Men's Running

Brooke Pure Drift

This is our list. But if you want to suggest one that you think should belong in our list, feel free to tell us through the comment box. :)