Portfolios: Jon Tarranza

That happy pirate (he's not really a pirate)with the big smile up there is Jon Tarranza. He can pretty much be called as one of the most sought after graphic designers in the city right now. His  graphic design firm/business named Hue Dare that he runs with his girlfriend have been doing really good since it started out in 2011. At Hue Dare they create mind blowing designs for band logos,t-shirts, album covers, and even flyers. It is absolutely a must for you to try and check out their works on Hue Dare's Facebook Page

What I really like about Jon's works are the lines. I mean if you look at some of his works, especially some intended for t-shirt , you will definitely be amazed on how he makes use of those lines to add astonishing details to his designs. I had the opportunity to watch him at work when I tried to see what's happening on a digital art exhibit that took place that year, and I tell you that was a pretty awesome sight. It was like watching a spider creating his web- careful and and precise, and you just know that he is going to create something impressive in the end. 

                                                  Here are some of Jon's Illustrations

              If you are interested in hiring Jon to make some wicked designs for you then visit Hue Dare Facebook Page to get the details.