A Day in the Life of Modern Day Artisans (Videos)

One of the greatest joys in life is watching highly passionate successful people do what they do. It somehow gives you the fire that you need in order to pursue something that you wanted to do all your life,be it writing a book or even baking pastries. The reason why you want to do something doesn't really matter. You can do it for money, for fame, or even for self-expression and fun. It doesn't really matter. The thing that matters is how much of yourself are you willing to put into what you are doing. If you say that  you are just wiling to put in  40% of your attention and effort to a project, then you will be considered as a hobbyist. You will still see good results at the end of the day however, there is a very little to no chance that you will be able to become known for what you do. On the other hand, if you are willing to eat, breathe, and live the discipline that you have chosen and you decide to do it until even  you are minutely satisfied with your output, then, you my friend, can be considered as an Artisan.

There are actually still some few Modern Day Artisans out there who have dedicated their lives to what they do. They are probably making big bucks right now but those are well deserved  considering the  quality of the items that they create. The level of skill, craftiness, and creativity of these modern day artisans is undoubtedly higher than most of us. 

HypebestTV shows you how these highly impressive young men create the masterpieces that they offer to the world. 

Alex Lamb for Furniture Design and Creation

Sebastian Tarek for Leather Foot Wear

Ricky Feather for Custom Made Bikes