Davao Brands: Available Wearable Artworks from Dreametry Doodle Clothing

Dreametry Doodle Clothing,  makers of eye-popping creative shirts still have a bunch of wearable artworks  up for grabs. All the shirts made by  have their signature doodle style designs that will surely make people turn their heads just to check out what you are wearing. That is of course if you already have one. ( I just have to say this) Having a Dreametry Doodle shirt in your closet is like hiding a unicorn. When you take it out ( and wear it), you are set to become the center of attention. 

Want to know how to get their available stuff? Well, all you need to do is to check out their Facebook Page. 

And oh! They also have a contest! If you can help them come up with a slogan which is perfect for their brand, you will win some prizes ( speculations are they are going to give away a jar of rainbow. kidding) To know more about this contest, visit their 


  1. Could you lead me to the location of these following shirts?

    1. Available tees:

      You can also order online at http://www.dreametrydoodle.com

      Thank you! :D