Portfolios:Akiko Condez(Sketch)

On this installment of Davaoist Portfolios, we introduce to you the ery talented Akiko. She is  without a doubt one of the finest sketch artists  that I have known so far. Her works are often  dark and erotic, much like the ones you see featured  on Juxtapoz Magazine's Erotic Art category. There is an elegant eeriness to them that  pulls you in into a place of hidden emotions and desires. A place where everything is black and white,quiet, calm, but intense. By looking at her sketches, you can say that she is not the die-cast-polish-my-skills type of artist. Her skills in drawing are impeccable though and she surely has great attention to detail. But somehow, there is an inkling that she just let all of the lines lose and  let her emotions turn them into something magnificent. 

One thing that you need to know about Akiko is that she is shy. 
"I’m painfully shy. I bore people. But once I get comfortable with someone, I get to introduce to them my alter egos. And that’s how all the fun starts."
She also loves to talk to herself but she does it minus the voice but with all the gestures. When she is pissed off at something she tends to scream and cry. Sometimes she also throws and burns things which is pretty cool actually. I hope that she discovers that burning things before throwing way more fun than her usual ritual. 

There is actually much that you need to know about Akiko. I have some snippets of the Q&A with Akiko that I did for this feature. 

Me: What is your favourite food? 
"Any pasta dish. Pizza, lasagna, baked mac/spag, etc.Fries. Fresh veggies. Japanese siomai, Sashimi, Sinigang na manok/ baboy/ hipon. Lechon! Oh god lechon.  Anything spicy. anything heavy on carbs."
Me: Favourite Band
"I could listen to almost everything. heavy metal, pop/punk, hiphop/rnb, experimental/electronica, etc. anything but kpop. Lol."
Akiko on how she started out and her inspirations: 
"Subsequently, I practiced doodling on blackboards with colored chalks. First drew helicopters and then unicorns. I fell in love with unicorns almost instantly. I still think they’re the most fascinating mythical creatures to have ever existed in my imagination. I usually draw things I see in my dreams or even in nightmares. I like drawing things that scare me and fascinate me at the same time. That’s why most of my drawings resemble wretchedness and make-believe. I like nudes, too.  Nudity is elegant and ageless."
Akiko on why she likes black and white:
"If I could choose between a vibrantly colored photo and a black and white, I’d choose black and white. Why? Because colored photos have it all, its story is somehow already foretold. Black and white is lacking which makes it quite interesting. It’s like a lackluster representation of a certain subject but with the brilliance of mystery, a great story hidden behind it."
Here are some  artworks from her ART CUNT Album