Davao Tattoo: This is How It Looks Like to Get "Bogzified"

By: Markuz Dedal

For those who don't know yet what the term "Bogzified" means to get or just got tattooed by Bogz Flores. If you hear someone saying "I will get Bogzified later", it means that the person is about to meet up with Bogz in his little house of pain named I Am Ink. And for those who don't know this guy yet, Bogz Flores or let us call him for a while as the "Bogzificator" is an extremely talented and totally noteworthy Davao-bred tattoo artist.

Bogz's tenure as a student and a practitioner of the art of marking indelible designs on a living human's skin may still be under the ten year mark (not that the number of years means that much in the art world) but he surely is getting the hype and the constant flow of clients that can make newbie tattoo artists wish they could turn out like him. You could often hear his name get mentioned when two young Davaoeños talk about tattoos. If you ask where you could get a really high quality in this city, 7 times out of 10 the "Bogzificator" will be among the artists who you will be told to check out. In just a very short span of time, he has secured a spot in the list of the best tattoo artists in Davao city, and if such list really exists, Bogz might even be in it's top spot.

(The whole business of describing his style and commenting on the artistry in his artworks is something that we leave completely to you. All the tattoo pieces  that we got from his Facebook Page (Bogzified) were the ones which are truly over-the-top. There are even some pieces that just made us say " Woah! This one exceptionally over-the-top!". But we really want to know what you think about them. Just look at the artworks and just say something about them in the comment box below).

Now that we have agreed in making you our tattoo connoisseur in this article, check out the  10 mind-blowing examples of how it looks like to get "Bogzified".

( All of the photos came from Bogz Flores' Facebook Page ---> "Bogzified". 
Check it out to see more of his work.)

Disclaimer: We don't own any of the photos in this post. We don't have a camera. We are just a bunch of punks.  


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